[mythtv-users] After upgrade to Ubuntu 20.04, frontend crashes X

Bob Sully malibyte56 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 3 21:53:31 UTC 2020

To restate -
I have two frontend machines, both running identical hardware and operating
systems (Intel i7-4770k processors, Gigabyte motherboards (same model),
32GB RAM, NVidia 640GT video.  Both run Ubuntu 20.04 and Myth v31, using

Both are running 4K video (though different monitors).

After updating the first machine (hostname Yoda) to 20.04 and v31 (from
18.04/v31), I tried to change some of the parameters (start the GUI in HD,
but go to 4K for actual playback; before it was playing back at HD
resolution also, but since I upgraded to 4K, I figured I should be able to
use the whole screen, not just a quarter of it).  Well, as summarized
earlier, firing up mythfrontend on this machine now hard crashes X.

The second machine (hostname Solo) cleanly updated to 20.04 from 18.04 and
mythfrontend works beautifully on it, at HD for the GUI and 4K for playback.

It seems that the easiest fix here is simply to copy Solo's configuration
to Yoda.  However, I don't see any files which would appear to fix this.
Config.xml doesn't seem to contain anything relevant to the problem, and
none of the .xml files in the themes directory have changed for several
years, if at all.

Can someone give me a list of files, if any, I can copy from Solo to Yoda
to deal with this?
There is no database on the frontends that I can find...is the config info
for the frontends kept in the DB on the backend?

Backend is also running v31 on 20.04.

Scratching my head...any info would be appreciated.   Thanks.

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