[mythtv-users] dvd subtitles ignored

Mark Kendall mark.kendall at gmail.com
Tue Nov 3 08:06:38 UTC 2020

On Tue, 3 Nov 2020 at 07:32, James Linder <jam at tigger.ws> wrote:
> I put the video and srt file here
> http://tigger.ws/lion/
> VLC does play the subtitles
> mythtv does not


I downloaded both files and put them in my Videos directory, ran
mythfrontend and scanned for changes.

Start playback and there is an option in the menu for Subtitles->Text
subtitles and they appear to work as expected (english subtitles for
what I assume is Bengali audio).

A few lines from the logs (mythfrontend -v vbi):

2020-11-03 08:02:39.054997 I [11644/11644] CoreContext
captions/textsubtitleparser.cpp:288:LoadSubtitles  Preparing to load
subtitle file (/media/mark/4T_Media/Videos/Lion.srt)
2020-11-03 08:02:39.055012 I [11644/11644] CoreContext
captions/textsubtitleparser.cpp:310:LoadSubtitles  Preparing to read
16782 subtitle bytes from /media/mark/4T_Media/Videos/Lion.srt
2020-11-03 08:02:39.055035 I [11644/11644] CoreContext
captions/textsubtitleparser.cpp:319:LoadSubtitles  Finished reading
16782 subtitle bytes (requested 16782)
2020-11-03 08:02:39.055046 I [11644/11644] CoreContext
captions/textsubtitleparser.cpp:342:LoadSubtitles  Opened subtitle
file '/media/mark/4T_Media/Videos/Lion.srt' with codec 'UTF-8'
2020-11-03 08:02:39.057290 I [11644/11644] CoreContext
captions/textsubtitleparser.cpp:378:LoadSubtitles  Found 281 subtitles
in file '/media/mark/4T_Media/Videos/Lion.srt'

While I'm running master, I don't think anything has changed with .srt
subtitles for some time and I don't recall any external library
dependencies - but I would check the files are in the same directory
and have the same permissions.


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