[mythtv-users] Disk filled up unexpectedly - Auto-expire not working?

Yeechang Lee ylee at columbia.edu
Mon Sep 16 12:48:50 UTC 2019

Will Dormann <wdormann at gmail.com> says:
> Recently my MythTV box stopped being able to watch live TV (as it
> was watching live TV), and after a bit of poking around I tracked it
> down to one of my partitions filling up.  I was under the impression
> that MythTV would have done a little bit better at preventing this
> from happening.


Frontend:		Apple MacBook Pro 2012 2.6GHz with 1TB SSD
Backend:		HP Microserver N40L 1.5GHz with 4x3TB HDDs
Tuners:			Three from CableCARD plus two over-the-air

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