[mythtv-users] RPM build of master in and for F29 - new script fails to build plugins

John Pilkington johnpilk222 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 10 10:08:08 UTC 2019

On 09/09/2019 13:02, John Pilkington wrote:
> On 08/09/2019 18:19, John Pilkington wrote:
>> I ran a git pull from Gary's 'mock only' packaging site around 3 hours 
>> ago and tried an F29 build.  Building the plugins failed.
>> It says it couldn't find rpms for mythtv-devel and python-MythTV.
>> mythtv-devel and python2-MythTV are shown as verified and installed, 
>> and are in the directory in tmp.
>> ...............
>> The problem is not with those files, but the search for dependencies 
>> after the src.rpm has been written.  It appears to be using only the 
>> external repos.
>> ...........
>> I tried again after removing all the '.rpm' suffixes in line 169 of 
>> the BUILD_MYTHTV_RPMS script, but got much the same.  I see 'debug: 
>> Unknown DWARF DW_OP_0' and 'DWARF version 3  in .debug aranges 
>> unhandled' in the mythtv build log.
>> F29 too old?
>> ................
>> Removing the -[!debuginfo]  bits didn't help either.  Same complaints, 
>> but now "Nothing provides mythtv-debuginfo(x86_64)" has apparently 
>> prevented the installs before the plugin build.
>> Original version:
>> mock --root=$MOCKCFG --cache-alterations --install 
>> $TMPRESULTDIR/mythtv-devel-[!debuginfo]*.rpm 
>> $TMPRESULTDIR/mythtv-filesystem-[!debuginfo]*.rpm 
>> $TMPRESULTDIR/python*MythTV-[!debuginfo]*.rpm 
>> $TMPRESULTDIR/mythtv-libs-[!debuginfo]*.rpm 
>> $TMPRESULTDIR/mythtv-mythffmpeg-libs-[!debuginfo]*.rpm
> ............
> This is very strange:  it seems to be a dnf thing and nothing to do with 
> MythTV.  'dnf install XXX*.rpm YYY*.rpm' works with local files, but 
> 'dnf list XXX*.rpm'  or 'dnf search XXX*.rpm' search the external repos 
> and find nothing.
> ls -l mythtv-mythffmpeg-libs-[!debuginfo]*.rpm  works fine.
> ...............

It still doesn't work for me, after several tests including trying the 
tmpfs plugin, which is suggested for use with --cache-alterations.  But 
after combining the mock command above with the one that follows it, and 
saving the mythtv-plugins.src.rpm before it gets wiped, I might be 
making a little progress.

I don't know if this is expected, but the Provides: for mythtv-devel and 
python2-MythTV are both *100.fc29, while the 'nothing provides' 
complaints say it's looking for *100

>> John P

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