[mythtv-users] New backend on same machine

Jack McGee jack at greendesk.net
Fri Sep 6 17:44:47 UTC 2019

This is on Ubuntu18.04, mythtv .29.

I have broken Ubuntu installation on the backend machine. Mythbackend is 
still running fine on that machine.

I have created a new partition and new Ubuntu installation on same 
machine.  It is using same home directory as the old broken one.  Same 
mount points.

I have installed mythtv-backend-master on the new installation. I have 
backups from the other installation.

I have read


I assume

        Full restore of the most-recent backup file

The script determines which is the most-recent backup file based on the 
date/time information in the backup filename and database schema version 
information is ignored. To ensure you're restoring the desired backup 
file, you may wish to do a Full restore of a specific backup file 

Are there any other gotchas. I am using only HDHomerun networked tuners.

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