[mythtv-users] Channel scan to add new channel not working

Klaas de Waal klaas.de.waal at gmail.com
Sun Jul 21 12:15:23 UTC 2019

> What I want to do is leave the existing channel definitions untouched and have the scan just add the new channel. I don't want to lose my existing channel definitions and have to type that all in again. But at the end of the scan these messages come up and I've never understood what they all mean. Can anyone please describe what these messages mean at the end of the scan:
> - "Found 40 new conflicting DVB channels". If they're new what are they conflicting with?
> - "Found 30 conflicting old DVB channels". What is the difference between these "old" channels and the "new" ones in the previous message?
The way I understand it is that conflicting refers to channel numbers.
If you have a "conflicting DVB channel" then it has a channel number
that is already present in your channel table.
An old channel is one that does already exist, as identified by
service ID and multiplex frequency (or something like that).
Both old and new channels can have channel numbers that already exist
in your channel table.
For minimum impact you could figure out which multiplex/frequency your
new channel is on and then do a "Scan single transport".


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