[mythtv-users] I just want to transfer old recordings to new backend

ajp at cantabrian.co.nz ajp at cantabrian.co.nz
Mon Jul 15 09:25:56 UTC 2019


Current system is 0.25 and has been running since about this time in 2011 – so 8 years. Hardware has changed a couple of times and now runs in a VM. Crashed completely and reverted to backups a few times and corrupted tables quite a few times. It done it’s dash ….

So moving to something that will hopefully be more appliance in nature once I am finished. I want to build a clean system with a clean DB on an O/S with a long shelf life, thus CentOS 7. But I want to keep all the important stuff, all my many Dr Who, Star Trek, Bond stuff along with a bunch of movies.

Done quite a bit of searching and everything seems to say don't just copy tables, it ain't worth it - just try to get your old DB up enough to upgrade. Nah, not my first choice I want a clean DB not one cluttered with rubbish and half recovered tables.

As a test I tried copying a row from the "recorded" table from the old backend to the new one and it worked fine - so this would be the plan, copy the rows from this table from old to new backend. I know I will miss out on stuff like "recordedprogram" and "recordedfile", but I see those as an occasional annoyance not a major. I suspect I need to something about "recorded seek" - not sure but thinking of some script to rebuild this using mythcommflag, maybe ?

I probably have around 600 recordings, so not huge by some peoples standards, but a few.

So any advice, tips or tricks will be appreciated but mostly interested if anything catastrophic is likely happen, like recordings mysteriously disappearing or getting deleted in 6 months.

Also just want to thank people who responded to my earlier questions, I do appreciate the effort.

Thanks again

Tony P

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