[mythtv-users] Previous recordings have disappeared

Darby Vicker darby.vicker at gmail.com
Wed Jan 30 03:25:07 UTC 2019

> On 01/28/2019 08:14 AM, Stephen Worthington wrote:
> > On Sun, 27 Jan 2019 19:51:31 -0700, you wrote:
> >>> What exactly do you mean by "none actually show up"?
> >>> Are there no recordings listed, or are they showing
> >>> with an X icon and can not be played?
> >> There are no recordings listed.
> ...
> > I can remember a bug that could do this to you,
> Check your log files from mythfrontend for something to the effect of:
> RemoteGetRecordingList(): list size appears to be incorrect.
> and/or
> PlaybackBox::UpdateUILists(): SortedList is Empty
> if you get that, you probably have one or more null characters in some
> of the data about the recorded programs.  That invalid data is
> preventing the list of programs from being received by the frontend, so
> the frontend has nothing to show.
> >   but I think it was
> > fixed before 0.27.
> If it's the issue I'm mentioning above, I think it can still occur if
> someone/something puts a null character in various parts of the program
> data.  IIRC, we only fixed some of the programs that didn't check
> externally-provided data (such as mythfilldatabase and mythbackend's
> EIT) to check for/remove nulls before insertion, and we still assume
> that database data is valid (does not contain null characters), rather
> than scrubbing the data every single time we read from the database.

I didn't find anything like that in the logs

[root at c6 mythtv]# grep -i incorrect *.log
[root at c6 mythtv]# grep -i size *.log
[root at c6 mythtv]# grep -i sort *.log

I did see lots of these:

[root at c6 mythtv]# grep -i empty *.log
mythbackend.20190105194813.20844.log:2019-01-05 13:48:13.734557 N
[20844/20844] CoreContext mythcontext.cpp:504 (LoadDatabaseSettings) -
Empty LocalHostName.
mythbackend.20190106035956.3148.log:2019-01-05 20:59:56.375710 N
[3148/3148] CoreContext mythcontext.cpp:504 (LoadDatabaseSettings) -
Empty LocalHostName.

But these are in all my log files from last year too, when everything
was working fine.

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