[mythtv-users] 29.1 is good, but setup gui's went backwards

Scott Smith pickle136 at sbcglobal.net
Thu Jan 17 19:12:25 UTC 2019

 I upgraded to 29.1 and the setup in general went well. For the first time i was able to carry over my sql database and not start from scratch (my issue not mythtv's)The bind address and pin code for the database was a little hassle to get a remote frontend working, but ok.

The biggest thing im surprised at was the redesign of setup gui dialog's.It appears its being setup for a vertical phone screen so a user can swipe it top to bottom.But im just finding it hard to really find settings that care about. I used to know where they were on the screen. I thought the organization of the settings was well.Now i feel like im looking at huge drop down's and my setting is hidden somewhere in the list of options.I feel like every option screen looks the same. Overall i feel like this is a regress in functionality.Im pretty experienced with the settings, but if i was a new user this setup would be frustrating to find anything.I dont know is this dependent on the theme?

It's hard in general to complain about myth since its been rock solid for so long.
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