[mythtv-users] small portable DVR

James Abernathy jfabernathy at gmail.com
Thu Jan 17 14:53:21 UTC 2019

> When this thread started I was thinking you were wanting it for travel use in an RV or similar. The referenced solution using the 2 RPis would be very portable. 
> I don’t think I would want the portable RPi solution for everyday usage at home either.  I also use the silicondust premium and the mythhdhrrecorder as well although I am going to drop it this month and maybe pick it back up during the holidays later this year.
> Maybe by then the quality will be better and the channels will return that were lost over these past holidays

My goal is a RV portable system and the RP3 would work for that as a backend with mythtv or tvheadend. Only concern now is what to use for XMLTV listings.  Since memory is a concern with RP3 automatic update with tv_grab_zz_sdjson_sqlite may not work.  Also automatic anything in an RV is not good as the WiFi is spotty. Usually have to use the Smartphone as a hotspot for everything. Manually pulling an XMLTV.xml file and using the file option on mythfilldatabase might be the best.  Also in the RV I’m not sharing the HDHR so I can use the old method of connecting to them in mythtv

It’s hard when working on a plan at home to not assume all the resources you have at home aren’t available on the road. It’s just so easy to network into the massive service and get to stuff

Jim A

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