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Greg Oliver oliver.greg at gmail.com
Tue Jan 15 16:55:06 UTC 2019

On Tue, Jan 15, 2019 at 7:42 AM James Abernathy <jfabernathy at gmail.com>

> On 1/15/19 8:02 AM, Greg Oliver wrote:
> I have 2 hubs and 3 remotes in this house.  I cannot get the virtual
> keyboard method to work on any of them (One, Ultimate One, and Elite).  The
> phone app works just fine on al hubs.  The other two remotes were actually
> controlling the Shields through IR still (before Logi added the BT support
> for the Shields).  Once I deleted them and added them again, they were BT
> and the virtual keyboard was added, and they work exactly like Logi says
> they should.
> Despite this, when I add a Windows PC using the method posted in another
> thread and assign a remote button, the remote always tells me I need to
> pair every time I press a button assigned to the virtual (Windows PC)
> keyboard.
> I just got off the phone with Logi EU and they have never heard of it and
> say it will not work unless that Windows PC is paired via BT to a actual
> device, otherwise it is useless to have it as a device in the config.  If I
> do that, it will send the keystrokes to the paired device.  Both hubs and
> all 3 remotes behave the exact same way, so I am wondering what is
> different.
> For those who use this method - are you pairing that "Windows PC" (renamed
> to Windows Keyboard) device to anything?
> Logi told me I will every only get the keyboard from the Harmony App on my
> phone and never (currently) make the remote use keys from that keyboard.
> Anyone experiance this and know where I must have steered clear?
> TiA,
> Greg
> Well I have it working so I'll try to help.  I have 6 activities. some are
> simple like blueray, music on the AVR and SmartTV and AVR sound. But I have
> the Shield TV and an Intel NUC running Kodi on ubuntu.
> On the Ubuntu system I did add the NUC as a Windows PC and paired the
> bluetooth. So that went as expected with using the non bluetooth wireless
> keyboard and having the Harmony send the keyboard commands.  No surprised.
> On the Shield I did this, but it makes no sense.  I added a device to the
> activity of a new windows PC and changed the name of the device to windows
> keyboard. No pairing.  Then when setting up the activity I included the
> windows keyboard device but nothing else.
> When it came time to pick custom buttons on the activity. I chose a button
> and when picking the device I just selected the Windows Keyboard device
> then the key to send. i.e. 'p' for both pause and play. Normally you are
> picking the device to receive the command not send the command, and that's
> what through me.
> It works.  It may help to set it up after a whiskey or two. :-)
I set it up the exact same way more times than my brain can remember - I
have factory reset everything on the 2 hubs and remotes.  Still asks my
remotes to pair everytime I press a keyboard button.  Logi tells me they do
not know of the method I am trying and a virtual keyboard is unhard of, but
of course it is the first line of support - I had to call EU on my work
line today because US was not open yet.

> Jim A
> Disclaimer 1: My Harmony Smart Control Hubs and remotes are old although
> the software gets update every time  you use the phone app to change a
> button.P/N 815-000101
> Disclaimer 2: bourbon is the best whiskey.
I am not a bourbon drinker usually, but I was on vacation last week and
drank a couple of whiskeys and bourbons - the bourbon was better than the
whiskey, but the really good stuff is just too expensive for me to get into
- I cannot (well, will not) pay $40 a drink for something even though it
does taste 10x smoother than the regular stuff :)
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