[mythtv-users] OffTopic :: Harmony Hub and remotes w/ virtual leyboard

Greg Oliver oliver.greg at gmail.com
Tue Jan 15 13:02:57 UTC 2019

I have 2 hubs and 3 remotes in this house.  I cannot get the virtual
keyboard method to work on any of them (One, Ultimate One, and Elite).  The
phone app works just fine on al hubs.  The other two remotes were actually
controlling the Shields through IR still (before Logi added the BT support
for the Shields).  Once I deleted them and added them again, they were BT
and the virtual keyboard was added, and they work exactly like Logi says
they should.

Despite this, when I add a Windows PC using the method posted in another
thread and assign a remote button, the remote always tells me I need to
pair every time I press a button assigned to the virtual (Windows PC)

I just got off the phone with Logi EU and they have never heard of it and
say it will not work unless that Windows PC is paired via BT to a actual
device, otherwise it is useless to have it as a device in the config.  If I
do that, it will send the keystrokes to the paired device.  Both hubs and
all 3 remotes behave the exact same way, so I am wondering what is

For those who use this method - are you pairing that "Windows PC" (renamed
to Windows Keyboard) device to anything?

Logi told me I will every only get the keyboard from the Harmony App on my
phone and never (currently) make the remote use keys from that keyboard.

Anyone experiance this and know where I must have steered clear?


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