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> Backpedaling a bit on what I posted regarding RPi3 ability to record to a
> USB disk ..
> When I did my testing earlier, I was using a sandisk usb3 128gb memory
> stick when I was testing the USB port.
> I have since retested using a usb3 seagate hard drive, and looks like I am
> able to record on the backend RPi from 2 ‘HD’streams and 1 SD stream from
> one of the HDHR tuners as well as watch an HD stream on a different pi.
> ( In our location, ABC(720p) and CBS(1080i), and CW(480i) are all on one
> channel) ABC video is around 2.7 Gb per hour, CBS is around 4.0 Gb per hour
> and CW is just shy of 1 Gb per hour.
> I am surprised that the 128GB USB3 SD memory stick performed so poorly
> earlier!
> I am going to test using both tuners from the HDHR and try to saturate the
> capacity coming out of the HDHR.
> Regards,

Your bottleneck will quickly be that everything shares the same USB bus, so
for every packet you get on ethernet, it goes out the other USB port to the
disk, so yiou just cut the 244Mbit/s to 122 effectively while they are both
in "full" use..  The Pi is never going to be a powerhouse - it is a single
chip for the entire board (minus GPU), which is why it is so cheap, but do
not try to pull extra horsepower out of it when the horse is already
legless :)
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