[mythtv-users] Snagged 1TB SSD for less than $100

Jon Boehm jon.s.boehm at gmail.com
Mon Jan 14 18:35:44 UTC 2019

I did it.  Grabbed an ADATA 960GB SSD for  $97.74.  It was an amazon flash
sale.   I had a friendly bet with a friend, last summer, we would see
off-brand 1TB SSDs for less than $100 by black friday.  I did see it for
this price but amazon flash sales are short lived.  I was lucky and grabbed
one when they went back on sale last week.  Installed it as my DVR drive
yesterday.  So far all is fine.

I'm hoping this will help with New Years Eve or SuperBowl type
recording/playback events.  Events were most of my 4 tuners are recording,
commercial scanning is in working, and I'm playing back a show while its
recording. My 5TB (only 1TB allocated to Mythtv) spinning drive was cheap
but had poor seek times and I think the SSD should really help.   So far
FF/RW are more responsive but time will tell if the ADATA drive will last.

I started my MythTV days with 2x 250GB and a 500GB spinning drives 12yrs
ago.   That worked fine but it was to many drives. 1TB has always been my
target for recordings.

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