[mythtv-users] video scan chaos

James Linder jam at tigger.ws
Mon Jan 14 00:48:42 UTC 2019

> On 13 Jan 2019, at 8:00 pm, mythtv-users-request at mythtv.org wrote:
>> can anyone here offer advice?
>> If I put a recording ?The Man with the Golden Gun.mpg? in my videos directory and scan then
>> I can?t see it
>> I can?t see 2 other movies.
>> When I remove ?The Man with the Golden Gun.mpg? from my videos directory and scan then
>> The missing two movies appear.
>> I?ve tried to spelunk the code, and my initial thought is holy moly. This is more than I can chew!
>> James
> I tried a search for 'hash'.  Lots of hits.  This is one.
> https://lists.gt.net/mythtv/users/610295#610295

John thanks very much.

I had moved the END cutpoint slightly in an attempt to make a new has, but after mythtranscode the hash was unchanged.
I moved the START cutpoint slightly, the hash changed and it scanned correctly.

While scanning an empty directory is an option, all my meta data, some are automatic, some need handholding eg reset meta data, retrieve meta data, select the correct one, are gone.

Is there a trick to preserve the metadata?

The link links to the hash sourse, so a scan to find duplicate hash’s seems sensible, in fact QTs QMap springs to mind to make it easy.
It seems I’m not the only person suffering under the hash story, I should contribute the findDups back. Has anyone used QTs linuxdeploytool. Is it a good solution? (If not a straight C solution is easy enough)


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