[mythtv-users] problems installing Mythtv 29 and 0.28 on Debian Buster

Ian Campbell ijc at hellion.org.uk
Thu Jan 10 09:14:27 UTC 2019

On Wed, 2019-01-09 at 13:54 +0000, Paul Harrison wrote:
> Are you both using current packaging?

I'm using the current dmo packages (which track, for now, fixes/29 with
some variable latency), but I'm not actually having any problems -- was
just trying to help Richard with his.

>  I'm pretty sure something was
> committed recently to fix this problem. Not sure if it went into both
> master and the fixes branch though.

Hrm, now you mention it that fix does ring a bell. Nothing in the
mythtv.git nor packaging.git leaps out at me though.


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