[mythtv-users] Is it possible to install mythtv 0.27 on xubuntu 18.04?

James Linder jam at tigger.ws
Thu Jan 10 00:47:16 UTC 2019

> On 9 Jan 2019, at 6:27 pm, mythtv-users-request at mythtv.org wrote:
> I need to downgrade from 0.29 to 0.27 to connect with a 0.27 backend to 
> test the backend. Is it possible to downgrade?
> If so, is there a PPA or some such repository available?
> I only need mythfrontend.

What you are asking is “Is there a set of 18.04 debs for 0.27”

I’ve not done exactly what you want, but I see no reason that it would fail, and it is quite easy to do:

clone the mythtv repo, selecting the branch you want
build it (follow the wiki, use anistable)

The advantage of this way is a) it will most certainly work b) the build installs in /usr/local so you can have a 0.27 frontend to run without in any way interfering with your 29 system (because the ppa’s install in /usr)


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