[mythtv-users] Nvidia Shield Is the future of Mythtv Frontend

James Abernathy jfabernathy at gmail.com
Tue Jan 8 15:12:01 UTC 2019

On 1/8/19 9:22 AM, Preston Crow wrote:
> On 1/8/19 9:16 AM, Will Dormann wrote:
>> On 1/8/19 5:11 AM, Doug Lytle wrote:
>>> On 1/7/19 8:42 PM, Phill Edwards wrote:
>>>> I'm happy to accept this may just be me missing the point of the Flirc
>>>> as everyone else seems to love them!
>>> Phil,
>>> Not all remotes work well with the FLIRC.  And, I've also found that 
>>> not
>>> all buttons on the all remote are active when selecting a function type
>>> on a universal remote (i.e., DVD,DVR,TV).
>> I've run into this myself with my Harmony remote.  My goal was to have
>> *every* button of the remote actively sending out a signal when it's
>> pressed.  Obviously, if the Harmony itself decides that a button is
>> unused with a particular profile, there's nothing that can be done on
>> the receiving end about it.
>> It was about 10 years ago when I first set it up, but through some trial
>> and error I found a device that had enough keys available:  Sony
>> STR-DA5300ES.
>> While this gave me all of the keys available to use, the real problem
>> with this hack is that the majority of the keys' actual usage has
>> nothing at all to do with how the buttons are mapped out on the physical
>> remote.  For example, I have the the "guide" button mapped to the
>> STR-DA5300ES "AmFmToggle".   In hindsight, I suppose I should have found
>> a DVR-like remote that gave me all of the buttons to use.   In the end,
>> I have two levels of mappings involved:
>> 1) Sony STR-DA5300ES to physical remote layout.
>> 2) lirc-recorded key to keyboard key to send to mythtv.
>> I am curious about this FLIRC option, though, in case anything ever
>> happens to my current remote house of cards.   A little quick googling
>> didn't really give much detail on the mechanics of how FLIRC is set up
>> for use with MythTV though.   Does the FLIRC come with special software
>> to set it up?  Is it just a HID device?   How is it programmed?
> I'm also interseted in switching to Flirc, but since it appears as a 
> keyboard to the computer, I'm afraid that if I map everything 
> correctly for MythTV, it will be wrong when I launch Xine for DVD iso 
> playback.  (Maybe Myth now does all the menus and everything, but it 
> didn't when I set this up.)  With lirc, I can set the button-to-action 
> mapping on a per-application basis.
> As to dead buttons on the remote, that's typical.  The solution is to 
> use a learning remote and learn something on those buttons from 
> another remote.
It's been noted recenly on the mailing list, but if you invest in 1 
Harmony Smart Control Hub and remote for about $100 you can eliminate 
using any other remote with your complete system.

I have one that controls, the Shield, Bluray, AVR music, etc. What I do 
to get around the Shield needing different remote mapping for the same 
device is I have one activity defined for Shield Mythtv, and one defined 
for Shield Kodi. Depending on which activity I select the Remote buttons 
are defined correctly.

Also for both Shield activities I have included a Windows Keyboard 
device which is virtual but allows me to send any keyboard command to 
the activity instead of just the few buttons on the Shield remote.  For 
example I send x for stop in Kodi, and ESC for stop in mythtv. I can 
even switch activities while watching Shield to go from one remote 
mapping to another.

Jim A

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