[mythtv-users] Theme modification

Stephen Worthington stephen_agent at jsw.gen.nz
Tue Jan 8 03:35:20 UTC 2019

On Mon, 7 Jan 2019 18:31:24 -0800, you wrote:

>Hi.  I really liked the Christmas theme specifically the ability to scroll
>UP and have the pointer go to the last entry.  But now with Christmas over
>we went back to the MythCenterWide and it doesn't do that.  Is there a way
>to modify the theme so it goes to the last entry when you up arrow.  We
>save a ton of Jeopardy programs and like to watch them in order starting
>with the oldest.

I have modified my MythCenter-wide theme to do that.  I used ZIG's
instructions posted on this list many years ago.  What is needed is to
change the recordings-ui.xml file.  There are two places where the
wrapstyle "captive" is used - change those to wrapstyle "items":



To make changes like this, copy this directory:


to here:

/home/<mythfrontend user>/.mythtv/themes/

Then rename it.  I just added "-JSW" (my initials) to the end of the
directory name.  Edit the themeinfo.xml file and change the name in
there to match.  Make your changes to the theme, then in mythfrontend,
go to Setup > Theme Chooser and select your new theme name.

ZIG also had another change that I wanted, also in recordings-ui.xml
where he changed this:

<template>%startdate%%| startyear%, %starttime% </template>

to this:

<template>%startdate%%| startyear%, %recstarttime% - %recendtime%

That makes the recordings show how long they are, which I find very

Note that since you are now using a custom theme, you will need to
keep it up to date whenever the MythCenter-wide theme gets updated.
You need to do a diff between the base theme and your custom theme and
apply any new changes.  I find it helps to keep a copy of the version
of the base theme you originally modified.  (I keep it in
/usr/share/mythtv/themes/MythCenter-wide-saved).  That way you can
diff that copy and your custom theme to see your changes, then diff
the new base theme and the custom theme and apply only the changes
that are not ones that overwrite your changes.  Then you can manually
adjust your changes if there were updates that affect them.  Then once
done, take a new copy of the base theme.

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