[mythtv-users] Need guidance for setting up a 4K frontend

George Poulson george.poulson at gmail.com
Thu Jan 3 07:51:32 UTC 2019

On Thu, 3 Jan 2019, at 04:02, Peter Bennett wrote:

> Actually, Amazon are encouraging developers to develop applications for 
> the fore device. See their developer's page (URL below). Also they make 
> it very easy to activate developer mode on the fire stick, compared with 
> other android devices.
> https://developer.amazon.com/fire-tv
> I think they feel that if they can get more of these devices out there 
> it will encourage people to sign up for Amazon prime, and having more 
> apps available may get more devices out there.

Thanks for this Peter, it sounds very positive.

I've been looking at the Firestick 4K for a while now as my new Toshiba 'smart' 4K TV isn't quite 'smart' enough to have Amazon Prime Video available (which I didn't realise until after I'd bought it, but as it's otherwise a superb TV it's not really a reason to return it!).

I think this latest comment has just about pushed me into getting a Firestick - especially given the massive price advantage over something like the Shield.

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