[mythtv-users] volume control from keyboard

Yann Lehmann aristide at free-it.ch
Mon Feb 25 21:46:34 UTC 2019

Le 25.02.19 à 16:57, James Abernathy a écrit :
> I've tried the  f9, f10, f11 buttons in mythfrontend and it show a 
> status line with changes to volume settings, but no change in the volume 
> occurs.  Any ideas how to fix this??

I have the same setup on my desktop computer. Only 2 channels with 2 

AFAIK, you have to set the mixer device in the audio settings of the 
frontend. You can choose between 'master' and 'pcm'. You will find this 
setting by expanding 'Use internal volume controls' in the audio 
settings of the frontend. Try both to find the right one.

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