[mythtv-users] Resetting NVIDIA Video Configuration (xorg.conf)

Gary Raposo gary at raposo.ca
Fri Feb 22 13:51:35 UTC 2019

Hello all.

I'm hoping to mine the collective knowledge of the mailing list to come 
up with a reliable configuration for my system. Right now I'm having 
some issues with tearing on playback. I've updated the OS and drivers 
and fiddled with my configuration files to the point where I'm not too 
sure if I've done more damage to my system than good! Hopefully there's 
an established baseline configuration out there for my set up that I can 
use as a reset.

- ASUS P8Z77-V LK motherboard with Intel i5-3470 CPU and 8GB RAM
- ASUS GeForce GT 640 video card
- Fedora 29 (4.20.8-200.fc29.x86_64)
- mythtv-29.1-25.39.20181004git74fff5c285.fc29.x86_64 (from RPM Fusion 
- NVIDIA 410.93 drivers (directly from NVIDIA web site)

I've got an HDMI connection from the video card to the monitor for 1080p 
video only (audio is handled via a receiver connected over an optical 

MythTV has been configured to use the VDPAU High Quality playback 
profile. This problem is not specific to VDPAU as the tearing is present 
to various degrees regardless of what playback profile I use. Log files 
don't seem to indicate an errors loading drivers or during playback as 
far as I can tell.

I've tried resetting xorg.conf using the nvidia-xconfig utility but the 
tearing problem hasn't cleared up. I'm thinking this is a pretty basic 
set up and that I've simply missed a key setting (or three).

Can anyone with the same/similar set up share their xorg.conf and/or 
xorg.conf.d/* files with me?


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