[mythtv-users] no seek table??

James Abernathy jfabernathy at gmail.com
Fri Feb 15 03:43:16 UTC 2019

I have a handful of programs where commercial skip works fine. However 
when I play a program that commflag found 5 commercials it doesn't skip 
a one. I checked setup -> video playback and commercial skip was set to 

So I got out the keyboard and while playing near the beginning I hit 'e' 
which normally pauses so I can use 'm' to open the menu and load the cut 
list and see where the commercials are flagged. Well today when I hit 
'e' I get 'No seek table'

I have no idea what caused this.  The frontend is Shield TV 
mythfrontend-20190124-arm64-v30.0-7-g2b8211e8e5d.apk. Backend is v30 
updated this week.

I also duplicated the problem on a ubuntu 18.04 frontend updated to v30 
with the latest update this week.

I looked in the frontend log and saw this error about the time I was 
trying to edit;

eb 14 22:35:40 Martha-desktop mythfrontend.real: mythfrontend[1032]: E 
CoreContext mythplayer.cpp:4500 (EnableEdit) Player(0): Cannot edit - no 
full position map

Any ideas??

Jim A

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