[mythtv-users] compiling performance question

Tim Draper veehexx at zoho.com
Thu Feb 14 21:12:28 UTC 2019

 ---- On Tue, 12 Feb 2019 21:02:46 +0000 Richard Shaw <hobbes1069 at gmail.com> wrote ---- 
  >   >  1) Compiled on 3 machines, with everything running SSD's with at least 4GB ram. CPU's & compile times as follows:
 >   >  Laptop - i5-5200u - 3minutes (used as a test machine)
 >   >  Server - Pentium G3240 - 20minutes (multipurpose, running Myth BE)
 >   >  intel Nuc - Celeron N2830 - 2h40mins (Primary FE)
 >   > 
 >   > 
 >   > That does seem like a long time.  In comparison my J4205 (low powered quad core no HT) chip has similar clock speeds but twice the cores. With 8GB of ram and a no name SATA SSD a refreshing git pull and clean through make install takes about 3min 30s.  Are you passing a -j 3 or similar to the make?
 >   > Jon 
 >  i have done -j X in the past, but for the sake of the question, left it at default for all kit.
 >  i think running -j 2 on the server does bring it down to 10-12mins. haven't yet tried it on the Celeron, but maybe do it overnight when the FE isnt in use and use 'time' to see how long it takes with -j 2.
 > As a general rule I run 2 jobs per actual core (Not hyperthreading!) 

ran it the other night with make -j4 (dual core celeron N2830). 70mins for fixes/30. while it does seem excessively long it is something i could put up with if it were the only thing. The other issues i'm also having with the FE i'm wondering if it's time to call it a day and replace. £120 base hardware over 4-5 years isnt bad innings.
I'm seriously looking at replacing the FE and going back to a nvidia gpu for VDPAU. amd a4,nvidia710 and pico psu seems to be a reasonably low-powered & compact way forward...

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