[mythtv-users] MythTV Status new version: 1.0.1

Andrew Ruthven andrew at etc.gen.nz
Fri Feb 8 04:43:46 UTC 2019

Hey all,

I'm happy to announce version 1.0.1 of MythTV Status! It's been two
years since my last release (well, I released 1.0.0 last month, but
there was a bug, and I never announced it...).

What's new?

* After 11 and a bit years, I think it is time to grow up to a 1.x 
  version number.
* Made a few Perl modules optional
* Changed some of the layout of different blocks to be more consistent.
* Fixed a bug where different units might be used for disk space
  available and used, which stuffed up the percentage used calculation.
* We switch to TB earlier - turns out more people have this amount of
  space on their MythTV systems now!
* New --highlight option to put asterisks around warnings - useful
  when sending via email to see where the problems are.
* Fix the time till next recording to never have negative numbers.
* Change how we run with, and update MOTD based on recentish changes
  to Debian and Ubuntu. Provide a snippet for /etc/update-motd.d
  to cat the recent output from mythtv-status.
* Ship a systemd service file to manage the cron job.
* Add support for Fedora to mythtv-update-motd.

I'd like to thank the following people for providing patches, testing,
and as general sounding boards for some of these updates (in no
particular order):

* Eric Wilde
* David Meritt
* Göran Uddeborgfor
* Ian Campbell

This version is already available in Debian Sid (Unstable) & Buster
(Testing), Ubuntu Disco, Kali Linux and will be in the next release of

If you're on Debian Stretch then you can use the package from Buster. I
expect if you're running a current release of Ubuntu then you'll be
able to use the Disco package, but I haven't tested it.

Sadly the Gentoo version is rather old and hasn't been updated for a


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