[mythtv-users] Guidance for phase 9

Jay Harbeston jharbestonus at gmail.com
Tue Aug 13 18:37:17 UTC 2019

> First of all, you probably want to read the list thread with the
> subject "USA OTA FCC frequency rescan?", as it seems I was wildly
> wrong about the importance of the callsign in the scan. Based on
> replies there, new frequencies apparently WILL cause a new channel to
> get created. That was news to me for sure. I was probably confusing
> that with the roll of callsigns with recording rules, which is where
> they become important.
> To be honest I can't answer either of those questions. If I ever used
> that "fetch channels" it would have been 12 years ago when I first
> built my system. I've never used the edit transport either and am not
> even clear what it attempts to do.

These are the steps I plan on doing when 4 of our RF channels will be remapped on Sept 6, 2019 at midnight per the stations involved:

NOTE that I have already performed step 1 below to preserve the xmltvids to be used for updating the channels table after the rescan in step 4.

1. mythconverg_backup.pl —backup_xmltvids  — # Sometime between now and when channels  change.
   The created file contains two different formats, the first being a series of update statements using only callsign:  e.g.

   UPDATE channel SET xmltvid = 'I17155.json.schedulesdirect.org <http://i17155.json.schedulesdirect.org/>' WHERE callsign = 'Channel 4’;

The remainder of lines in the backup file are commented out. 

After the change has been made, do the following:

2. Stop mythbackend 
3. Start mythtv setup
3.1:  Clear all the OTA channels currently setup.
3.2. Rescan all OTA channels 
3.3  Exit mythtv setup
4.  Run the sql update statements generated above.
5.  Start mythbackend
6. Validate scheduling, and tuning work correctly by setting up testing schedules, and also, watching live tv to verify tuning is working correctly.


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