[mythtv-users] Master upnp playback: strangely selective "Connection to the server failed"

John Pilkington johnpilk222 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 13 13:48:49 UTC 2019

While trying to compare methods of playback for SD and HD recordings of 
a recent BBC Prom concert I've had these upnp failures reported by my 
el7 box running 3a918bd.

The message appears immediately on selecting "All Recordings" or "Date 
Sun 11 Aug 2019" or "Channel 1 BBC ONE E Mid" or "Channel 2 BBC TWO" or 
"Channel 9 BBC FOUR" - but most other options, including "Yesterday" 
play fine.  The recording of interest is one of those excluded from this 
upnp playback.  I've tried the upnp logging option, which reports that 
the "Browse request is for us" but says nothing else.

The "Back/Return" key on the remote brings back the normal upnp menu.

It might be that some new epel or elrepo package for el7.7 has crept in 
while the CentOS/SL7 clones are still on 7.6, and perhaps I should 
revert to an older kernel - but any other insight would be welcome.


It looks as if the cause is something I mentioned earlier:  someone in 
the EIT data preparation chain is using a keyboard with a non-standard 


Editing the title (Recording metadata) to replace all of those in the 
selected upnp display category re-enables its upnp playback.

Louis Theroux and James May had them on Sunday.

John P

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