[mythtv-users] Mythfilldatabase, new HdHr Quatro box, and EPG

Don Brett dlbrett at zoominternet.net
Wed Aug 7 21:36:30 UTC 2019

On 8/7/2019 3:45 PM, David Engel wrote:
> On Wed, Aug 07, 2019 at 03:37:20PM -0400, Don Brett wrote:
>> On 8/7/2019 1:33 PM, Klaas de Waal wrote:
>>> On Wed, 7 Aug 2019 at 16:16, Don Brett <dlbrett at zoominternet.net> wrote:
>>>> I missed the announcements when my local broadcasters decided to change
>>>> frequencies and required everyone to re-scan.  I thought my HDHR-Connect
>>>> box stopped working, so I bought a new HDHR-Quatro (four tuners).
>>>> The installation went pretty well.  I deleted the existing tuners and
>>>> created four new ones for the Quatro box (thanks Klaas for the
>>>> instructions). The channel scan worked fine and all four tuners are
>>>> working better than expected; some of the hard to get channels are
>>>> working really well.
>>>> However, the program guide is unpopulated ("Unknown(Unknown)" for all
>>>> the new tuner channels.  I also have an Hauppauge HD-PVR for the cable
>>>> box and those channels are fine.  I've run mythfilldatabase several
>>>> times; do I have a myth-setup issue, or maybe something with
>>>> Schedules-Direct?
>>>> Don
>>>> PS - After the channel scan, I checked the channel editor and all looked
>>>> fine.  I exited and re-entered mythtv-setup and re-checked the channel
>>>> editor.  Filtering for each of the Quatro antenna inputs, it shows all
>>>> the cable-tv channels mixed into the antenna channels.  Example: if I
>>>> set the "Video Sources" filter to "All", it shows five cable TV "Video
>>>> On Demand" channels (HD-PVR, Ant-1. Ant-2, Ant-3. Ant-4).  I assume this
>>>> is a display issue, but ??
>>>> PS - I temporarily turned on EIT and it mostly filled in the guide.
>>>> PS - I reported the frequency change to Schedules-Direct and asked if
>>>> any updates were needed on their end; waiting for response.
>>> The way I understand your system you need to configure two video
>>> sources, one for the HD-PVR/cable and one for the Quatro/OTA.
>>> All four tuners of the Quatro have to be connected to the one video
>>> source you created for the Quatro/OTA.
>>> In the mythtv-setup Channel Editor, when you select "All" video
>>> sources, you get all channels from all  video sources.
>>> If there are channels that are both on the HD-PVR/cable and on the
>>> Quattro/OTA then you see that channel twice.
>>> Note that on the mythfrontend Program Guide the same channel from
>>> different video sources is shown only once.
>>> If you want to use EIT/EPG then you need to do that on only one tuner
>>> per video source. So for the Quattro/OTA you configure EIT/EPG only
>>> for the first tuner.
>>> I am not familiar with Schedules-Direct but maybe it works
>>> automatically OK once the setup is correct.
>>> Klaas.
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>> Perhaps I misunderstood.  The Quatro has four tuners in one box, using one
>> IP address, and one device ID.  Do I actually have only two capture cards
>> (HDPVR and HDHOMERUN)?  Here's what I created, what do I need to delete?
>> Capture cards >
>> HDPVR: /dev/video0
>> HDHOMERUN: 10722347
>> HDHOMERUN: 10722347
>> HDHOMERUN: 10722347
>> HDHOMERUN: 10722347
> This is correct.
>> Video Sources >
>> HdPvr
>> Ant-1
>> Ant-2
>> Ant-3
>> Ant-4
>> Input Connections >
>> [HDPVR: /dev/video0] (Component) -> HdPvr
>> [HDHOMERUN: 10722347] (MPEG2TS) -> Ant-1
>> [HDHOMERUN: 10722347] (MPEG2TS) -> Ant-2
>> [HDHOMERUN: 10722347] (MPEG2TS) -> Ant-3
>> [HDHOMERUN: 10722347] (MPEG2TS) -> Ant-4
> These are not correct.  You should only have one Ant videosource and
> all four Quatro devices should be configured to use it.
> David
It's getting better.  I changed Video Sources and Input Connections.  
Now it looks like:

Capture cards >
HDPVR: /dev/video0
HDHOMERUN: 10722347
HDHOMERUN: 10722347
HDHOMERUN: 10722347
HDHOMERUN: 10722347

Video Sources >

Input Connections >
[HDPVR: /dev/video0] (Component) -> HdPvr
[HDHOMERUN: 10722347] (MPEG2TS) -> Ant-1
[HDHOMERUN: 10722347] (MPEG2TS) -> Ant-1
[HDHOMERUN: 10722347] (MPEG2TS) -> Ant-1
[HDHOMERUN: 10722347] (MPEG2TS) -> Ant-1

Now the channel editor looks correct, but all the xml ID's were missing 
for Ant-1.  Schedules-Direct's web site provides the xml ID's , so I 
entered one manually and ran mythfilldatabase.  It worked, so I entered 
the rest manually and re-ran mythfilldatabase...that also worked.  A 
couple of scanned channels didn't match the SD listing, so I skipped 
those; I'll look into them later.

I still have to create the virtual connections, but the system is in use 
now...I'll do next steps tomorrow.


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