[mythtv-users] HD Hiomerun works better in HDHomeRun viewer than MythTV

Stephen Worthington stephen_agent at jsw.gen.nz
Mon Dec 31 02:36:25 UTC 2018

On Sun, 30 Dec 2018 15:32:07 -0500, you wrote:

>On 12/30/2018 2:40 PM, Don Brett wrote:
>> I have a roof mounted antenna and my house is within 3-5 miles of all 
>> the local channels.  Signal strengths are very good.  Shows are always 
>> pixelated in MythTV, some worse than others, but it happens on pretty 
>> much every show.   On a whim, I tried the HDHomeRun viewer, which is 
>> supplied by Silicon Dust, everything looks perfect.  Is there a mythtv 
>> update or setting I should be looking at?  Any suggestions on how to 
>> diagnose?
>> Don

Is it a recording problem or a playback problem?  Find one of the
recordings that gives pixellation in MythTV and use the I key to show
the "Recorded File", then find that file in your storage groups.  Then
use other player software to play the file (eg VLC, mplayer).  If
possible, use the HDHomerun software to play the file.  Is it
pixellated when played by other software?

What version of MythTV are you running?  What is your video hardware?
What drivers are you using?  What settings are you using for playback
in mythfrontend?  What sort of recordings are you making - are they
MPEG2 video, H.264, ...?  Are these DVB-T, ATSC, or something else?

When the pixellation happens, do you also get audio blips around the
same time?  Is the pixellation just occasional, or frequent?  Is it
regular (eg every 15 seconds)?  Does it vary in how long it lasts for
before normal picture is restored?

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