[mythtv-users] Is Nvidia Shield the future for Mythtv Frontend??

glen glenb at glenb.us
Wed Dec 26 02:41:46 UTC 2018

On Tue, 2018-12-25 at 18:45 -0500, James Abernathy wrote:
> While sitting around during the holidays watching TV, I started
> thinking about how to improve my home media center.  My backend is a
> powerful server with RAID so I’m covered there.  My Frontends need
> some work though. It maybe my brain going crazy, but I no longer
> think my Ivy Bridge i3 NUC is not up to the task.  Too much tearing
> at the bottom of the screen no matter what settings I use. This
> started as the kernels got updated on Ubuntu 16.04 in prep for moving
> to 18.04. My guess is improving the drivers for the new Intel chips
> they messed up the old 3rd Core generation drivers.
> Even my RP3 B+ has better video performance.  Since I use FireTV in
> addition to Mythtv, I’m thinking of something like the Nvidia Shield.
>  It can run all the apps that the FireTV does and it plays games and
> runs mythtv frontend.
> At $150, I can’t buy a more powerful PC than what I have. So I’m
> thinking the Shield is right solution moving forward without breaking
> the bank.
> What do others think??
> Jim A
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i have 2 shields i got for very low price. i agree to be able to have
netflix, amazon, hbogo etc plus mythfrontendis a big advantage.
mythfrontend runs pretty well. i have a little trouble with h264 using
mediacodec so i use ffmpegcodec for everything. also for me only ffmpeg
codec allows subtitles. playback is acceptable. not as good as on my
backend, a ryzen 7 with nvidia 750 ti. you could also try to build from
master and check out the vaapi 2 and see if that improves the nuc's
before you take the plunge. overall i'm quite happy with the shield on
a 4k tv and thanks to the great work by peter bennet now having
mythfrontend makes a really versatile solution for me.

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