[mythtv-users] Program Guide

James Linder jam at tigger.ws
Fri Dec 21 00:51:07 UTC 2018

I have expressed my somewhat unenthusiastic appreciation of the built in web server previously, making derogaory remarks about the mobile phone set.
I recently upgraded by system from suse Leap 42.2 to Leap 15 (sic).
I miss the functionality, terceness and control of mythweb. It wont run on Leap 15 because of python depreciates.
Everything worked after my upgrade (including the whole metadata saga I’d been struggling with) but the program guide had some hicups.

Simple schedules work just fine. Complex ones are somewhat iffy.
I want a schedule that records the news mon-fri from (Australia) channel 10 at 17:00. ABC sat and sun 19:00. Easy with this channel + time as as filter?

Upcomming Recordings shows record at 14:00 on some days, Channel 10 newa on others with Channel 10HD recording too.

Question: Can I run mythweb on a non-backend machine? If so I will install a VM front end to do mythweb (only).

For years I’ve used shepard, the Oz grabber. Shepard’s wiki says the EIT is now good enough to not need the grabber, I tried and am not getting EIT data for some channels. eg ONE, ELEVEN, SBS Food.
Any Australian users comments?

Thanks James

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