[mythtv-users] delaying backend startup until the network is up

James Abernathy jfabernathy at gmail.com
Wed Dec 19 15:45:40 UTC 2018

>> I think for safety sake, I'd use the full-internet.service and
>> wait-until-pingable.py approach. But since wait-until-pingable.py waits
>> for what it wants, the "After=NetworkManager-wait-online.service" could
>> really be anything network related because the script waits, right??
>> -------------------------------------full-internet.service------------------------
>> [Unit]
>> Description=Wait for full internet service to be available including DNS
>> After=NetworkManager-wait-online.service
>> [Service]
>> Type=simple
>> ExecStartPre=/usr/local/bin/wait-until-pingable.py my.hdhomerun.com 30
>> ExecStart=/bin/true
>> [Install]
>> WantedBy=multi-user.target
> Yes, if you do not want to have NetworkManager-wait-online.service
> enabled, or are not using NetworkManager, you could just have
> full-internet.service run After=network.target.  That way, with the
> next update of wait-until-pingable.py, you would also get a log
> message that tells you how long it had to wait for the network to
> complete coming up.

Since my production system only uses Ubuntu Server and static IPs, there 
is no need for NetworkManager. So after network.target would be an 
improvement. I'll test all this some more.

Jim A

> But it would be best to test if that works properly - I think
> "wait-until-pingable.py my.hdhomerun.com 30" should be fine as long as
> it is run after network.target, but it really should be tested before
> relying on it.  And another test that should be done is to disconnect
> your MythTV box from the Internet and see how it boots.  It should
> time out after 30 seconds and complete normal booting, and 30 seconds
> should be enough for the HDHRs to be discoverable locally without need
> for my.hdhomerun.com if they are on another Ethernet card, or if they
> are all that is on the MythTV box's visible network.
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