[mythtv-users] MCE/HID remote stopped working with LIRCD after Ubuntu 16.04 -> 18.04 upgrade

Jay Summet summetj at gatech.edu
Tue Dec 18 23:28:57 UTC 2018

I had my RF/USB Media Center Edition compatible remote (from Keyspan)
working with LIRCD on my MythTV box, using irexec I was able to execute a
script to turn the monitor on/off with the power button, etc...

When I upgraded to Ubuntu 18.04, the remote stopped controlling MythTv.

I read through this page:
and I was able to use ir-keytable and evtest to set the keymap to rc6_mce
and I was able to use the robot to control MythTV but still need to remap
several keys (and I'm not sure how I'll trigger my external power script).

However, when I rebooted, it stopped working, and I found out that I had to
stop the lircd service before the ir-keytable / HID/keymap would work.

I have the .lirc config files all set up in the mythtv user's home
directory, and ideally I'd just like to keep using lircd instead of having
to reconfigure the keymaps in the kernel.

Has anybody else ran into this and have any quick pointers on things to try
to just restore the lircd operation with the new kernel that also supports
the MCE remotes?

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