[mythtv-users] scanning [Solved]

jam at tigger.ws jam at tigger.ws
Sun Dec 16 09:00:47 UTC 2018


> if I (when I) scan movies that start with a number title is mangled
> eg “28 Days” becomes “Myth0:Days”
> eg “6 Days 7 Nights becomes “Myth0:Days …”
> I find no documentation about this, what is the story?

Stranger and Stranger …
The movies were in a folder Myth0-9
I renamed that to MythNums
In the foldwe I ln'd the files to another name, deleted the Myth0:Names entries, ln’d them back and scanned again and all is well !!
I’ll bet that is not intended behaviour. I built a test front/backend and repeated the behaviour.


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