[mythtv-users] only on Sunday

Stephen Worthington stephen_agent at jsw.gen.nz
Tue Dec 11 10:28:31 UTC 2018

On Tue, 11 Dec 2018 09:37:23 +0000, you wrote:

>On Tue, 2018-12-11 at 19:31 +1300, Stephen Worthington wrote:
>> It looks like the version of smartmontools that is installed in Ubuntu
>> is quite out of date.  When I looked at my Ubuntu 18.04 system, the
>> version installed from the standard package shows as "release 6.6
>> dated 2016-05-07",
>Did you mean 6.5? Debian (testing) has 6.6 dated 2017-11-05 which is
>the most recent version according to 

No, the Ubuntu 18.04 package gives this for the smartctl -V command:

smartmontools release 6.6 dated 2016-05-07 at 11:17:46 UTC
smartmontools SVN rev 4324 dated 2016-05-31 at 20:45:50

So it really is 6.6.  I was surprised, as I did not think 6.6 was that

In any case, I have downloaded and compiled the latest 6.7 for my

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