[mythtv-users] DVD iso image in SG does not play on remote frontend

John Pilkington johnpilk222 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 7 18:51:56 UTC 2018

On 07/12/2018 17:26, Peter Bennett wrote:
> On 12/7/18 7:45 AM, John Pilkington wrote:
>> Hi:  I have several DVDs created by MythArchive and now conveniently 
>> storable (via K3B) as iso images.  These have played as Videos on 
>> FE/BE systems, but I now have a firestick 4K as a remote frontend, and 
>> on that they don't play.  I think it's not a firestick-specific problem.
>> I think the problem could be in the SG addressing.  On my main box the 
>> log shows "DVDRB: Opened DVD device at myth://Videos@hpbox/whatever.iso"
>> where hpbox is the (boring) 'Master Backend Name' from mythtv-setup.
>> The firestick log shows that it is using the same form; but it doesn't 
>> work.  It was set up to use the Primary IP Address 
>> (192.168.1.something) and the 'name' option seemed not to work there.
>> Any insights?
>> Thanks,
>> John P
>> _______________________________________________
> I have never used mytharchive or iso images.
> Does it work on a Linux remote front end?
> Peter

Thanks, Peter.  I'm still a little wary of what activating another 
frontend might do to my databases, but that's an 'obvious' question.  If 
no other replies appear I'll try it.  I was hoping that Storage Groups 
and myth protocol might cause a lightbulb moment somewhere.

And of course it does:  a wiki...   Lots and lots and lots of it :-)

The mytharchive bit was just code for 'unencrypted' and 'having a menu,' 
I guess.  Other players play the iso files although the menu may not 
always work perfectly.

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