[mythtv-users] mythhdhrrecorder setup

James Abernathy jfabernathy at gmail.com
Thu Dec 6 16:53:21 UTC 2018

I’ve giving this a test.  On the wiki it states in part:
Example usage in MythTV
In mythtv-setup, select "Capture cards"
Select "New capture card"
Select "External (black box) recorder" as the card type
Specify the executable and (usually) append an arbritary unique device name, for example: /home/mythtv/bin/mythhdhrrecorder --devicename 0
Specify the Max Recordings as 1
Select "Finish" to create the capture card
Repeat as needed for the number of tuners you want MythTV to utilize
Perform video source setup as usual
For each tuner, go to input connections and add the video source, and select "Fetch Channels" if the video source is newly created to populate the channel data (this does not work with ATSC video sources due to the major/minor numbering, but workarounds exist)

I can’t find the setting for Max Recordings.  I’m using the latest 29.1 Mythtv backend and I got this mythhdhrrecorder script from the github link in the wiki.

Has that been changed to force it to 1 and no need to have an option???

Jim A

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