[mythtv-users] Firewire channel changing and Switched Digital Video?

Bob mythtv at cox.net
Sat Dec 1 16:04:45 UTC 2018

On 11/27/18 9:53 AM, Greg wrote:
> When Mythtv makes a channel change I can see the stb change channel's. 
> The problem is if the channel is a switched digital video channel, I get 
> a warning saying the channel isn't available or press "C" to continue.. 
> I use firewire for changing channels (6200ch),it works great for 
> that,but for some reason the channel won't switch on the video and I get 
> a recording of Spectrum logo... It works fine for channels that aren't 
> SDV...
> Is there a solution for this? Is there someway to send a keep alive 
> siginal?

I don't use firewire because I was having issues like this with my 
provider. If I record 2 or 3 shows back-to-back, my provider will pop-up 
a message indicating I need to press a button to continue.

So, my solution was to use an IR blaster to simulate a human is present 
to satisfy my provider. My noop/keep alive solution is to send a single 
"0" character and then press "enter" on the remote. This has the effect 
of doing almost nothing (basically starts the OSD on the cable box, so I 
then press "Exit" to turn off the OSD).

Maybe something similar will work for you?

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