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On Oct 26, 2017 7:18 AM, "Kris B." <krisbee at krisbee.com> wrote:

Just want to make sure all of you responding to make sure that you know
there is a mythtv plugin for Plex.  It will transcode your videos on the
fly if not done already and works well - it grabs screenart, screenshots,
full metadata, etc.  If you DO run a post-job transcode script, then plex
just series the file as-is and there is no drain on resources on your
backend.  You dont have to run mythlink, etc.

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I've actually been kicking the tires on that one but so far it's not nearly
as nice as my kodi front-ends and mythtv plugins. The waiting to buffer
when staring to play a program and the loss of commercial skips etc just
not as nice. I think the post process to h.264 (using a Roku as a
front-end)  would be better but not sure how to get it to recognize the
commercial flags,  I could just cut them out but I only use commercial skip
for some of my recordings.

Need to look more into the post processing to see how long it would take to
transform,  so far it's just not as nice as kodi as myth but would like to
use the Roku as the front-end.
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