[mythtv-users] Plex

James jam at tigger.ws
Fri Oct 20 14:21:59 UTC 2017

Hi all, opinions please

My Samsung TV chokes on myth’s uPnP files. I need to transcode (or put my recordings on a thumb-drive !!)

One of the solutions I’ve been looking at is Plex media server.
But I’m naive about this whole area.

Will some knowlegable please comment.
eg I think appleTV’s mythtv app uses mythtv streaming
Is the interface ‘nice’?
What are the options to receive (and watch) a stream.  eg plex has an appleTV app. eg (australian) ABC has a streaming app on the Samsung so some sort of SDK must exist.
I want a stream server. Is myth video a good generic library server?
(I do use myth video, but that is my *only* experience of hosting a stream)

Apple may be akin to shark droppings, but (to seamlessly drain all your money while you smile) they do make very nice hardware (eg bluetooth mouse and keyboard work at the bios screen eg their trakpad is a joy to use (left click, right click, double click, scroll, click-and-drag etc)


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