[mythtv-users] Livetv stutter

Barry Martin barry3martin at gmail.com
Fri Oct 20 00:07:46 UTC 2017

Hi Nick!

>>> FWIW I see this on an old 0.27 system when watching LiveTV from my
>>> PVR-150 backend which is recording PAL 576i content. Playback is via
>>> XVideo.
>>> What? somebody still uses XVideo based output???
> Probably just me - all other frontends are VDPAU. I doubt anyone else
> is running a PVR-xx0 analog capture card either nowadays?

Probably not all that extraordinary but I'm still using PVR-1600's and 
PVR-2250's in both of my Backends.  Just the digital portions as no 
analog stations locally.  The original cards were for a MythDora system 
-- and then I smartened up and switched to Mythbuntu!  The reason for 
two Backends is duplicate recordings because of some strange issues with 
reception; maybe for a separate thread

As far as the OP's question  on stutter of Live TV, I found (years ago) 
the 'solution' was to just tap-tap Play/Pause and the 
jittering/stuttering would go away.  Seems like I read the issue was due 
to the the (lag?) time between the write and read functions: took so 
many microseconds to do the record (write) process and so many to do the 
playback (read) process.  Doesn't explain the OP's statement of waiting 
five minutes.  Possibly the use of an incorrect Video Playback Option?  
(Playback Profiles page 3)? Seems like when I had it incorrectly 
configured the recorded shows stuttered, though didn't get to Live TV.

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