[mythtv-users] Setup readonly filesystem for Raspberry Pi

Yann Lehmann aristide at free-it.ch
Tue Oct 17 07:13:04 UTC 2017

Am 16.10.2017 um 05:22 schrieb Rajil Saraswat:
> Hello,
> I have used this website [1] to setup a readonly filesystem for RPI in
> the past. The motivation is reduce the sdcard wear and protect the
> filesystem from random power cuts. I am trying to do the same for the
> RPI running mythtv-light. My script is at [2]. The system boots up fine
> in 'ro' mode and X startups up as well. However, mythtv doesnt start at
> all ( i have a .xinitrc to start mythfrontend). I found this strange
> because on a another Frontend running on a NUC (gentoo linux), i have a
> readonly filesystem and myth works fine.
> Any idea what could be the issue with RPI?

Not really, but the frontend writes some files in the /home/user/.mythtv 
folder (themes icons for example). May be your NUC was set up rw when 
you first started the frontend.

On the other hand, some file systems are "friendlier" to flash memory 
than ext4 (JFFS2, F2FS and others), and converting to them seems very easy:


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