[mythtv-users] Themes - come out wherever you are

Barry Martin barry3martin at gmail.com
Sat Oct 14 23:56:10 UTC 2017

Hi Folks!

In a nutshell I've lost most of my Themes -- the ones like Steppes, 
Retro-wide, Childish, etc., which provide a backdrop and the appearance 
of the TV show selection menu and other menus.  (Found out in my 
Googling there are many type of 'themes'.)  This has happened on most if 
not all of the Frontends here, so possibly a bug or I'm just 
consistently doing something wrong.  Found the files are supposed to be 
in/usr/share/mythtv/themes or (home directory) /.mythtv/themes .  If the 
theme is listed in Setup> Theme Chooser it's in one of those 
directories. If it used to be and 'disappeared' I've not been able to 
find it anywhere: not Trash, not some random directory.

Latest issue was I created a new Frontend.  Originally had these Themes 

 1. A Forest 2.2
 2. Arclight 28.1
 3. Blue Abstract 1.12
 4. Childish 25.1
 5. LCARS 1.0
 6. Monochrome 1.91
 7. MythAeonNox 28.5
 8. Mythbuntu 28.21
 9. Mythbuntu-classic 26.22
10. MythCenter 1.3
11. MythCenter-wide 1.7
12. MythCenterXMAS-wide 1.5
13. MythMediaStream Redux 28.1
14. Readability 0.5
15. Retro-wide 1.1
16. Steppes 28.6
17. Steppes-narrow 28.4
18. Terra 1.4
19. TintedGlass 4.56
20. TransBlue 1.0
21. Willi 2.28

Select Steppes 28.6 ==> downloads, goes to Terra. Reselect Theme 
Chooser, now only:

 1. MythCenter 1.3
 2. MythCenter-wide 1.7
 3. Steppes 28.6
 4. Terra 1.4

Exited, rebooted, LIS tried to find with the 'find' command... Haven't 
been able to find a live repository (?) where can download a Themes 
Package (correct terminology?).   Have found where I can download some 
of the Themes but not all.

BTW, running 0.28.  LIS this missing Themes problem is on all of my 
Frontends of various brands, home-made, 32- and 64 bit.....

So the questions are what do I do to restore the Themes and what do I do 
to keep from loosing them again?



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