[mythtv-users] Font niggle in 'buntu xenial MythCenter-wide

John Pilkington J.Pilk at tesco.net
Sat Oct 7 11:21:27 UTC 2017

I posted about this when xenial was in beta, but got no comeback.  It 
was irksome recently when the frontend, or perhaps mythtv-setup, was 
repeatedly trying to restart, and I did more digging yesterday.

On starting the frontend I got a pageful of errors about

Could not load "Droid Sans", loading "DejaVu Sans" instead.

With that replacement automatically loaded the theme looks fine; the 
only difference I notice from my el7 box is in the lower-case 'g'

"Droid Sans" is specified in MythCenter-wide osd.xml and base.xml  It's 
in the mythtv tarball, but in xenial repos I can only find 
droid-sans-fallback, which seems to be about oriental scripts; see


If I try to uninstall that, most of mythtv goes too.  I haven't done a 
comprehensive search and I suppose Droid Sans might be in some 
mythtv-'buntu package that I have chosen not to install.  At present 
there are 7 Droid entries in /usr/share/mythtv, all broken links.

For a quieter life I have edited my copy of the theme in ~/.mythtv to 
use "DejaVu Sans" immediately - but not on my RH-based systems.  Is 
there a general fix?

John P

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