[mythtv-users] Rsync test system

Daryl McDonald darylangela at gmail.com
Fri Oct 6 18:24:00 UTC 2017

On Oct 6, 2017 1:24 PM, "Peter Bennett" <cats22 at comcast.net> wrote:

I do this every time. It is easy and does not require any special software.
Just use sudo cp -av while booted off a live cd so that the special
directories under /dev and other places are copied correctly. I never had a
problem this way.



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Thanks Peter this looks good, as far as copying the system, but I want to
end up with a dual boot system so editing the /etc/fstab, to change the
first boot drive is probably not for me. After the copy I'm tempted to then
run update-grub, is this too easy? I could edit /etc/default/grub to change
boot order as required. I want this setup in place for more than just 0.28
to 0.29 Also for all future system and myth upgrades.
Its occurring to me that I will have to edit /etc/fstab to auto mount the
new partition. Am I missing anything else?
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