[mythtv-users] Possible bug about unwatched and automatically marking watched

Peter Bennett cats22 at comcast.net
Fri Oct 6 14:24:11 UTC 2017

On 10/04/2017 11:17 PM, Hika van den Hoven wrote:
> Hoi All,
> The last few months I have been watching an old recorded series and I
> have noticed a weird behavior regarding the unwatched group.
> I have automatically setting watched activated, which most of the time
> works. Long before I had noticed that when watching from the unwatched
> group a show gets marked watched but stays in there. I had never put
> much attention to that. Until one time the automatically marking
> watched failed. I marked it watched and it got replaced by the next
> show in line, as it should, but also as it hadn't before.
> I have been playing around with it. When a show gets marked watched
> automatically, the system does not notice and it does not get replaced
> by the next in line. If you next subsequently mark it unwatched and
> next watched it will.
> So is this a bug?! I think so.
> I'm still running 0.27
How do you get the unwatched group? I have never seen a feature like 
that. I only have groups like Default, LiveTV, and any others I set up 
myself. There is a checkbox to say don't show watched programs. Is that 
what you mean?


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