[mythtv-users] Starting mythfrontend with systemd?

Ian Evans dheianevans at gmail.com
Wed Oct 4 21:53:06 UTC 2017

Sorry for all the recent posts, but after running MythTV since 2011, the
upgrade to 29/16.04 has tossed a few curveballs at me. Most things have
been smooth but there's a few small issues, perhaps due to the fact that
the previous Mythbuntu ISO install handled so many tasks for you.

In order to start the mythfrontend on my combined FE/BE at boot I added the
mythfrontend command to Sessions and Starup. But it's hit and miss as to
whether it starts up before the backend/mysql are fully up. If it starts
before then, even the subsequent retries seem to be failing the dbawake
test, even though mythbackend is running and connected to mysql.

Looking at
https://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Configuring_Frontend#Starting_the_Frontend, I
don't see any mention of scripting the startup.

Should the Frontend be started with systemd instead and if so is there a
recommended service file that waits for the backend and mysql to be fully
functioning before starting mythfrontend?

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