[mythtv-users] MythTV Light 0.28 for Raspbian Jessie

Peter Bennett (cats22) cats22 at comcast.net
Tue Jun 14 21:32:25 UTC 2016

On 06/13/2016 06:12 PM, Barry Drennan wrote:
> Hi, Peter,
> I had a question about the packages you put together for Raspbian
> Jessie (for MythTV 0.28).  The install instructions seemed pretty
> simple, although I did have a couple of minor hitches here and there
> (for example, I had to add permissions for the pi user to use ping, or
> else the frontend couldn't properly contact the database server).
> But my question now is about the plugins package.  There seem to be
> quite a few missing dependencies for this package, such as
> libjson-perl, which prevented the plugins from appearing in the MythTV
> menus altogether.  That one was easy, though - the next issue is a
> huge number of missing Perl modules.  I've tried installing via CPAN
> to get these issues resolved, but it seems like maybe this would work
> better installing the necessary packages using apt (for instance,
> mythweather has an ImageMagick Perl module dependency, which requires
> the ImageMagick package).
I am afraid that I have not used the plugins and I do not know much
about them so I missed many dependencies.

It is best to install the missing modules using apt. If you look in the
mythbuntu control file you can probably see the names of most of the
packages needed for each plugin.
If you sort out the correct list of dependencies please let me know and
I can update the plugins package accordingly.

> I can eliminate the missing module errors by installing through CPAN,
> but there end up being some testing and dependency issues on some of
> them.  The resulting scripts (the ones I've tested anyway, from
> mythweather) end up segfaulting MythTV for whatever reason, although
> maybe I'm missing an OpenGL package as well?
Currently OpenGL does not work with Raspberry Pi, so if that is needed
you are out of luck.

> In any case, I don't know why we're coming up with such a big
> difference in our Raspbian platforms.  Mine was installed based on a
> premade NOOBS image to download/install Raspbian, so AFAIK it should
> be pretty standard.  Any thoughts?
Perhaps nobody has tried the plugins. I did not do any testing of them
other than to make sure the frontend starts and some new items show on
the menus.

> Also, thanks very much for putting those packages together.  Even
> without the plugins, the RPi 3 seems to be a great platform for a
> frontend - it handles 1080p like a champ, and aside from these few
> hiccups, it's been good getting this set up.
> Thanks!
> Barry
Are you using 0.27 or 0.28? I do not expect to be doing and more work on
0.27, and the Raspberry Pi is not officially supported there.


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