[mythtv-users] Debian and mythtv-database

Jan Ceuleers jan.ceuleers at gmail.com
Sun Jun 5 07:34:02 UTC 2016

On 05/06/16 00:11, George Nassas wrote:
> You left out how you the l/p is correct but you can verify what dpkg is
> using by doing this as root:
> debconf-get-selections | grep mythtv-database
> Try doing a command line mysql using the debconf username and password
> and see how that goes. From there either update debconf (using
> debconf-set-selections) or create/modify your server to match what it wants.

I am not the OP, but I ran the above command on my backend (after
installing debconf-utils), and I was unable to connect to the database
with those credentials. (For these reasons I can safely post them here):

mythtv-database	mythtv/mysql_admin_password	password	
mythtv-database	mythtv/mysql_admin_user	string	debian-sys-maint
mythtv-database	mythtv/public_bind	boolean	true

So this looks like a bug to me: clearly some package picked those
defaults  but did not also create the corresponding permissions in mysql.

In case this is relevant: the machine on which my backend runs is the
second-one that I use for this purpose. I migrated to it using the
method described on the wiki:


HTH, Jan

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