[mythtv-users] Updated mythbuntu theme version 28

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Sat Mar 29 21:41:32 UTC 2014

Overall I think 28.5 looks really sharp.  I have just a few quibbles left.

On the recordings screen:
* Selected groups with no fanart have 10px less width than the others
* The last group overlaps the scroll arrow
* Recording buttons are a bit big compared to the font
* Last recording button nearly touches the bounding box

The attached patch fixes the first two items by making them all the  
group buttons consistent.  It addresses the others by shrinking the  
recordings buttons vertically a bit, which makes them a bit slimmer  
while simultaneously making the whole list more centered vertically.   
Eleven items fit per page instead of nine.

I have also attached a diff for the program guides.  I noticed that  
the timelist buttons on the live TV guide did not match the regular  
guide (and were using a missing image), so I changed the live guide to  
match the regular.  Also, adding a little extra vertical space to the  
description textarea allowed it to fit another line of text while  
still fitting in the bounding box.

The patch also contains some other changes.  I dislike the lack of a  
clock on the live TV guide, so I wanted to restore it.  Another item  
that bugged me about the live TV guide is that the "subtitle" section  
would nearly always get cut off for being too long.  Since there was  
extra vertical space between the large title and the subtitle section,  
here's what I did:

* moved the subtitle box up a bit and made it slightly taller to fit two lines
* change the template so the time is on line 1 and the subtitle text  
is on line 2
* adjusted (added in the case of the live guide) the clock to match  
subtitle line 1
* adjusted recording status to match subtitle line 2
* adjusted the "shapes" around these items to match (they seemed a bit  
off anyway)

This format matches up fairly well with the OSD overlay as it also  
shows the same information on multiple lines, and much more text is  
visible, especially on the live tv guide.  It also makes the two  
guides basically the same except the video gets inserted and pushes  
the other text to the left.  (I also thought about just putting the  
subtitle into the big description box as the first line, but went this  
route instead.)


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